The home of habits.

MELOHOUSE is the space between the workouts. The only wellness platform that takes the ripples of bad habits and turns them into positives.

We guide you to a MELO life.

A new positive habit is priceless.

Wellness experts live by a small set of habits, these habits are non-negotiable in their lives. We help you build those habits. Allowing them to ripple positively through your life.


MELOHOUSE is a system of wellness habits. By selecting a course you taking the guesswork out of wellness. We provide you with a selection of habits that are unique to you.

price option <p>THE MELOHOUSE WAY</p>


With a one-off payment, you will get access to one of our excellent wellness courses. These courses from our exceptional expert teachers will lay out the fundamental elements for you to grow.

price option <p>We do things differently.</p>

We do things differently.

Every course you purchase, we analyse your lifestyle for FREE. With our world-class system, we provide you with the course questionnaire that gives us a clear roadmap on what habits are best for you.

price option <p>Habit scorecard.</p>

Habit scorecard.

Then we will send you a personalised habit scorecard unique to you This will provide you with easy, manageable habits. Allowing you to take the guesswork of wellness out of your life.

"You are as old as your spine"

Mobility expert FARID HERRERA takes you through all the essential elements of gaining mobility lost but also the reasons for losing it.

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Our Experts

We gathered health and wellness experts that have more than just a following. They have the experience, the knowledge and the understanding that life can be challenging. Enter the home of habits to make life a little easier.

Mindfulness Teaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Clinical Hypnotherapy Expert.

Movement & Mobility Expert

The digital book of wellness may never be finished but we are going to try, so much more to come!

" If you can breathe you can meditate"

Terrence the teacher takes you through the steps of early meditation adoption. Giving you the ability to meditate anywhere, anytime.

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Welcome to the MELOHOUSE.

LIVE MELO is a philosophy we live by throughout all MELO products. In essence, it is to find physical, mental and emotional freedom. To build a life around the external forces around us that seek to cause imbalance. When we find balance through the body and mind only then can we truly LIVE MELO.


With our unique coaching system, we identify where you are in your life. Then provide you with manageable life changes that start small ripples that become massive waves.


The user manual of wellness.

Imagine having a user's guide to wellness. A clear insight into health and happiness. An unbiased road map different from any magazine trends or glossy clickbait articles that send you down the rabbit hole.


We told our experts to provide information that is easy to understand but is also easy to scale up. We use their incredible knowledge in their specific subject to build the ultimate wellness curriculum.


Using the MELOHOUSE + process, we give you the tools to make positive change in your life.

So much more

A complete guide for health and wellness. Nutrition, running, weight lifting and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions


MELOHOUSE is your wellness curriculum. A simple and concise wellness platform designed for you to make small changes in your life that deliver significant changes. Being healthy is not about being strict in your life, it is about making health apart of your life.

Which courses are right for me?

Habits are like ripples, they start small and expand like waves. We help you manage these waves. The good ones and the bad ones. By taking the courses questionnaire we find the core ripples of your lifestyle and assist in the lifestyle's you have always desired. By suggesting to you the most important ripple and how to change it.

How does it work?

Each course is a simple one-off fee with no strings attached. Once ordered you get full access to the course of your choice but also access to our MELOHOUSE + habit platform that guides you through 30 days of true habit building.

A wellness curriculum

What you see here are the building blocks of the wellness curriculum. As time goes on we will expand our program to build a complete holistic healthy lifestyle structure. If you feel there is an area of your life you are confused about. Let us know.